Monday, December 23, 2013

SF Controller: $817,500 Unspent in Supervisors' Slush Funds

In response to my recent public records request to the City Controller for the district allocations made by each member of the Board of Supervisors this fiscal year, I received the information above about how members spent their $100,000 in slush funds or how much they've kept in their accounts.

The members representing districts 1, Eric Mar; 2, Mark Farrell; 3, David Chui and 4, Katy Tang, each have $100,000 to spend since they've made no allocations. 

District 5 Supervisor London Breed allocated her entire fund thus:

CRN outreach: $50,000
Inner Sunset - street fair fees: $1,000
Cole Valley - street fair fees: $1,000
Haight Ashbuty - dog poop bags and dispensers: $5,000
Juneteenth - fair fees: $5,000
Alamo Square - flea market: $1,000
NOPNA - 2 street fairs: $1,300
Lower Haight - Pink Bunny: $2,500
Ariel Art Exhibition: $3,850
Holiday Food Boxes/Civic Engagement - Mo Magic: $29,250

In district 6, Supervisor Jane Kim used $20,000 of her allocation on these projects, leaving her with $80,000 still to spend:

Unified School District, Life Learning Academy, Treasure Island: $5,000
Unified School District, Bessie Carmichael Elementary: $10,000
Unified School District, Tenderloin Elementary School: $5,000

Supervisor Normal Yee from district 7 hasn't spent any of his $100,000 allocation yet. The City's most polarizing elected official, the Supervisor from district 8, spent $66,000 of his slush fund and has $34,000 remaining.

District 9 Supervisor David Campos had a single allocation, leaving $70,000 in his account:

Community Challenge Grants for completion of a mural at Bernal Library: $30,000

In the Bayview and Hunters Point district 10, Supervisor Malia Cohen hasn't used any of her allocated $100,000.

Supervisor John Avalos of district 11 used $66,500 of his funds thus and still retains $35,500 to allocate:

Cayuga Connectors: $6,500
Ney Street greening: $5,000
Ridge Lane safety and access improvements: $25,000
Athens/Avalon repair and grade steps for safe use: $20,000
Water mural: $10,000

According to the City Controller's office, the combined amount of money left unspent by the Supervisors as they year ends is $817,500. Nice chunk of City change and I'm curious to see how it get spent in the new year.


Anonymous said...

District 8 sup - please itemize his pet projects for readers... we need to know...

Unknown said...

Click on the image of the Controller's document, and when it's enlarged you see the D8 Supe's pet projects that received some of his slush fund.