Sunday, December 08, 2013

God's Love Delivers $374,000 Pay to AIDS Food Bank Executive

(Credit: Janette Beckman.)

Recently, I blogged about the executive director of DC's Food and Friends organization, Craig Schniderman, getting $430,000 in compensation and also wrote about his counterpart Tom Nolan at San Francisco's Project Open Hand receiving $317,000 in his last year running that group.

Now I am calling attention to the salary package for Karen Pearl, pictured, who heads New York City's hot-meals program for people with HIV and AIDS and other illnesses called God's Love We Deliver. While they don't post their IRS 990s on their financials page, GLWD does link to the filings as posted at GuideStar so I give them half a point for some transparency.

GLWD in 2012 had revenue of $12.2 million and Pearl was compensated $374,400.

Let's compare those numbers with those of other food bank programs in New York City. The Food Bank of NYC reported revenue of $75.2 million and their executive director Margarette Purvis was paid $226,000. They get a full point for posting their 990 on their site.

The biggest budgeted hunger agency is City Harvest, which had revenue of $90.9 million in 2012 while the head of the agency Jilly Stephens took home $310,100 for her services. City Harvest shares their latest 990 on their web site and the too get a point for this.

Very interesting that of the three NYC food bank nonprofits, GLWD has the smallest revenue amount yet the executive director is the most handsomely compensated. When I see compensation packages as high as the $374,000 for Pearl, I wonder what's so nonprofit about that kind of pay.


Artistic Empowerment said...

Hello Michael,
thank you so much for bringing this information to light. The problem with non profits is that their is no government regulation and all the large orgs are extensions to the corporate sector laundering their "Donation" money. They hi-checked the communities and package us to fit their best interest. I go through the same thing with the Gay Games. I resigned from the table tennis tournament position for the Gay Games in Cleveland 2014 because of disrespect, unprofessional, lying through their teeth in their press releases what a wonderful job they do and give each other awards. They are the so called respected members from the community and they are the ones selling out the community. I hope the firing of CEO Marjorie Hill is setting an example that the community is waking up and it is time to fire all these people and put the Larry Kramers back into the driver seats of our community.

Unknown said...

I appreciate your support with my sunshine efforts. There needs to be more scrutinizing of AIDS and gay nonprofits. Following the money is critically important.