Saturday, December 07, 2013

Weekend Woof #59: Ben Dover, Jr & Bow Ties

Our place is quite cold tonight as the winter weather continues to grip the Bay Area. I got out today to wash a load of laundry and get my bicycle fixed at Box Dog Bikes on 14th Street. My latest batch of photos of assorted dudes around San Francisco is here for your viewing pleasure.

This youngish furry fella, let's call him Ben Dover, Jr, was picking up a turkey at Bi-Rite on 18th Street the day before Thanksgiving and he deserves a series of photos including the last one where he's bending over just enough to display his fine tuchus.

The handsome hunk on the left and the darling dyke on the right were the best deli counter folks, helping me decided what to get for our holiday meal. Is it the new policy of Bi-Rite to have workers wear bow ties around the holiday season? First time I recall seeing the workers gussying up themselves this way and I approve of the new look.

Say hello to Shaun on the top and John, both of whom were at the Tuesday night meeting of the SF Pride board. These sexy guys wanna get on the board and during the break, I snapped these photos of them at work stations in the office.

Keep warm everyone!

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