Saturday, December 21, 2013

After Today's ER Visit, Gratitude for the Great Staff

Let's skip the boring details for just an outline of why I was back at the Davies Medical Center emergency room today, for the second time in three weeks. The pulmonary and congestion problems of the past two months worsened overnight.

The good news is the terrific nurses and doctors on duty today, with whom I'm on a first name basis after too many ER visits this year, think they figured out the current problems and put me on a couple of new meds.

I was unable to schedule an appointment with my regular physician at Castro Mission Health Center this week, as I had wanted, because there simply were no openings to see her. Well, surely I wouldn't allow the current troubles to grow worse while waiting for an appointment to open up and I'm grateful the ER was not crowded today.

The two-hour visit was actually quite pleasant and I've got nothing but thanks to offer the nursing staff and doctors who treated me. It ain't easy dealing with normal aging issues along with aspects of being a longterm AIDS survivor, but it certainly helps me regain wellness with the concern and advice of dedicated medical personnel. They wouldn't let me leave until we shared hugs, which were needed and one additional dose of healing from the nurses.

And now, time to play Scrabble with Mike!


Ang said...

Happy to learn you're home and feeling go get a triple word score! love you very much. Let's talk tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Mike won the Scrabble game and it was a good, fun time together! Glad to say the new meds are starting to bring relief. Yea.