Thursday, December 19, 2013

SF District Attorney Doesn't Have a FOIA Log

What to make of this admission from our top prosecutor? His office is subject to public records laws, yet George Gascon's chief of staff Cristine Soto Deberry maintains there is no log of all request for public documents.

In a written statement, pictured, Deberry said: The District Attorney does not have a record responsive to your request.

Makes me wonder if Gascon attended and graduated from the Willie "Create No Paper or Email Trail" Brown School of Public Service.

As the week draws to a close and my informal survey of the Mayor's Office, the San Francisco Police Department and the DA's Office produces results, we learned that the mayor's staff overstates how many requests it receives as voluminous while appearing to end maintaining a log and invokes extra time to produce a log, the police keep a log that they can share in less than a day and top prosecutor says he has no records request log.

The citizens of this City need to insist our public servants maintain a central records request log and greater scrutiny is needed from good government advocates, bloggers and the traditional media regarding overall compliance with sunshine laws. Let's push to have these logs made available for public inspection on City sites on a monthly basis.

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