Monday, August 08, 2011

SF Mayor's 91-Pages of Meeting Requests; 
Calendars Also Sought

My friend Kimo Crossman, the longtime transparency and open government advocate, earlier this year requested from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee his public records related to all written requests seeking a meeting with him. The mayor's Office of Communications released 91-pages of such requests to Kimo, who gave me permission to share what he obtained.

The ace editor of the SF Appeal, Eve Batey, took the time to post the 91-pages from Mayor Lee to help bring more transparency to his office and its operations. Click here to read the document and see who wanted to meet with him from late January through early February.

Many thanks to Kimo and Eve, for their roles in making it easier for all of us to learn more about the liar now occupying Room 200 at City Hall.

I've filed the following request for all of the mayor's calendars since he was appointed, and the clock for it starts running tomorrow. It's my hope to not just have the public records requested released to me, but to have the mayor direct his staff to post the calendars on his official web site.

BTW, when the Bay Guardian asked the mayor back in February about releasing his work calendars, he had this to say:

In an interview with Guardian reporters today, Mayor Lee indicated that he would be willing to make his calendar available to the public. "Sure," he said when we asked him about it. "I have no problem with that." Lee noted that he has complied with similar requests in the past. "I've had those already reviewed as the City Administrator, so I'm used to it," Lee said. ...

Let the sun shine in on how Ed Lee has spent his time as our "interim" mayor!

Immediate Disclosure Request

Lily Madjus
Mayor’s Office of Communications
City Hall

Dear Ms. Madjus:
Please email to me all calendars (including work calendars with security redactions) for Mayor Ed Lee from January 11, 2011 through August 8, 2011, per the full provisions of all applicable municipal Sunshine laws.

These should be readily available since these are required to be fully kept under Sunshine.

The calendars should include meetings for Mayor Lee including but not limited to the following:

- Every meeting in City Hall even hallway discussions and also personal meetings per 67.29-5;

- Every outside City Hall meeting including the criteria above which occur "at the offices or residences of people who do substantial business with or are otherwise substantially financially affected by actions of the city";

- For each meeting there should be a "general statement of issues discussed".

As a reminder under Sunshine statute SEC. 67.29-5, all of these records should be immediately available, except for today's calender which should be available by the end of the week, because "Such calendars shall be public records and shall be available to any requester three business days subsequent to the calendar entry date."

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me at 415-621-6267.

I look forward to your rapid release of the requested public records.

Michael Petrelis

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