Friday, August 12, 2011

Bully of Castro Street,
Sterling Bank's Adams, Retiring from MUMC

Matthew Bajko of the Bay Area Reporter shared some truly excellent news for folks who are sick of the bully of Castro Street and his obstreperous methods:

MUMC President Steve Adams told the Bay Area Reporter that he intends to step down from his position leading the merchants group next April. Adams is currently looking for candidates to replace him, although no one has announced their intention to run yet.

Adams is not only the head of the Merchants of Castro Street, he's also president of the local Sterling Bank.

After eight months of trying to work with Adams, and getting nothing but runarounds, lies and stupid hassles from him regarding sharing control of Harvey Milk Plaza and the rainbow flag and pole, all of which are city property, I've concluded the _only_ way to describe him and his tactics is as a bully and bullying.

One thing I've learned about Adams in the months of such unnecessary lack of cooperation from him to bring people to the Castro neighborhood, is that he's a bully with _everyone_ who dares to want to use the public rainbow flag and pole at the public plaza.

Sure, his resignation from MUMC does not happen until spring 2012, but it's not too early to celebrate his departure next year.

Here's some advice for MUMC, which would not only improve their relationship with other Castro stakeholders but also might draw more folks (and dollars) to the district. Elect a president with some friendly people skills, a commitment to transparency, being allowing public attendance and public comment at MUMC meetings, oh, and learn to share the toys (flag, pole, rope) in your sandbox (Milk Plaza).

Considering MUMC illegitimately controls the rainbow flag, for the time being, it would help community cooperation and lessen neighborhood division tremendously if the merchants found a leader whose motto is other than "my way or the highway".

The Castro deserves a better leader at MUMC than a cranky banker with a petty ego-driven agenda.

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