Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IRS 990s:
NAPWA = Yes; NMAC/Kawata = No

There is bad news and good news on the AIDS Inc sunshine front today. Let's start with the former first.

The National Minority AIDS Council, which last year had revenue of $6.1 million of which $2.9 million was in the form of federal grants, is not joining the club of groups who practice fiscal transparency on their sites.

Earlier this afternoon, I reached executive director Paul Kawata's executive assistant Kim Ferrell on the telephone and she stated the following regarding my request for them to share their three most-current IRS 990s: "We're not going to be posting our 990s on our site at this time. You'll have to speak with Paul for more information."

I told Ferrell that her boss has ignored my voice mails and emails in the past week, requesting dialogue with him about transparency, so I was unsure how to get any details out of him. Wish I knew why Kawata and NMAC fear sharing their IRS 990s on their site, but I hold out hope that they eventually will see the light on this matter.

In the good news column is the National Association of People With AIDS. Peter Kronenberg, who is responsible for communications at the group told me on the phone today that they've agreed to my request to get with the transparency agenda and very soon too.

Kronenberg said: "Early next week, the IRS 990s for NAPWA will go up on our web site. We'll be posting three recent 990s for fiscal years 2008, 2009 and 2010."

Yes, I'm pleased that the leaders at NAPWA, like the advocacy organization AIDS United which last week quickly posted three years' worth of tax filings, recognize the importance of fiscal transparency. NAPWA, of all HIV service groups, should be leading the charge for increased sunshine at all HIV nonprofits.

Let the sun shine in!

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