Thursday, August 11, 2011

GLAAD's 2010 IRS 990:
Ex-ED Barrios' Pay Increase

When it comes to providing the community with fiscal transparency, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation fails miserably.

Last year at this time, I forced GLAAD to release their 2009 IRS 990 filing and post it on their site, because I wanted to know what then-executive director Jarrett Barrios was earning. Up until I got pushy, GLAAD posted no IRS 990s for public inspection.

Because the IRS requires all non-profits to make their most current 990s available to the public on the day the group accepts the 990 from their accountant, I knew to ask GLAAD at the start of August, when they had previously signed off on their tax filings, for their filing for 2010.

The new 990 was accepted on July 26, more than two weeks ago, and they didn't see fit to share it till today.

It took a few emails and phone calls to GLAAD this week to persuade them to again share their latest IRS 990 on their web site, and so far, the group that claims its agenda is to amplify things, they have yet to amplify the fact that the community can now look over the filing.

It shows GLAAD revenue rose from $5.0 million in 2009 to $6.5 million in 2010, and the salary for the recently-departed Barrios went from $225,000 up to $233,673.  

The full filing can be viewed here. Please read the document and help watchdog this wasteful and ineffective group.

In an email to GLAAD yesterday, I called upon them to follow the fine example set by the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Kate Kendell, regarding voluntary fiscal disclosure. When I contacted her last year about these matters, Kate quickly posted her three most-current IRS 990s and easily committed to sunshine principles.

It's time for GLAAD to do likewise. Two GLAAD 990s are not enough to equal Kate's standard of sunshine.

While we're on the subject of GLAAD and its responsibilities to the gay community, they owe folks regular town hall meetings to discuss their mission, how and why they sell us out to Corporate America, what's happening with the search for a new leader and lots of other accountability issues. There needs to be a minimal standard of democratic engagement with GLAAD staffers and board members, starting with them organizing public meetings.

But I won't be satisfied until this leech upon the LGBT body politic is defunct. We really don't need to waste millions more on GLAAD's useless awards and galas, shilling for corporate sponsors before regulatory agencies, while selling their access to gay consumers to the highest business bidders hungry for our dollars.


Archer said...

I remain confused by all things GLAAD. Its clear their revenue increased from prior year by about 500K, but it appears their expenses increased by the same amount 6.5M in 2009 and 7.01M in 2010. They referenced their Media Awards revenue and expenses in a statement but their 990's do not reflect what was stated previously. There are more production companies listed for 2010, and at a higher amount than 2009, and their 2010 990 lists large expenses numbers under food/bev and "entertainment". Creative accounting? When will we get the truth from this group? Regarding Barrios salary, money wasted from the start. I hope my math above is a mistake.

Unknown said...

i'd like for GLAAD to develop some democratic (small d) principles including town hall meetings so the community can discuss their financial issues with them in public. the only public events they organize are their useless awards ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, Since you're so good at keeping gay organizations and advocates honest about their money, I wonder if you could look into this one:

Do we know anything about how much money these self-appointed campaigners have actually contributed to the causes they claim to support? Is FCKH8 a registered charity and do they make any financial reports at all public? How much of their profits goes to advocacy and how much goes to pay the salary of, say, Luke Montgomery? Would be great to have you look into it.

Unknown said...

hi anonymous,

i'd like to encourage to contact luke and others at his group, and ask them to disclose the info you're seeking. you should also see if they are a 501c3, and if yes, then check if they filed their IRS 990s. you can find 990s at

happy to see you're interested in getting some transparency and accountability from this group. we need more folks like you with such interest and then acting to find answers.

good luck with contacting luke. lemme know what you find out.