Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Blossoms in San Francisco;
Photo Prove It

Just about two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were so cold in our apartment we had our single gas heater in the front room pumping out heat, while an electric heater kept us warm in the TV room. We were expecting a long and cold winter, with both of us wearing layers of sweaters and woolen shirts for the next month or so.

Well, yesterday Mike was dressed in shorts and t-shirt, and I wore only a t-shirt and a thin long sleeve over that, as we looked at the trees on our block. A few of the red-leaf trees are basking in the great weather we've having that they're blossoming.

Take a look at one of the trees outside our front windows, next to the Friends of San Francisco's grammar school. The photo was snapped an hour ago. Those buds are open and bright pastel pink. Sure signs that spring is mighty early this year.

I hope my friends and family back east are not too jealous of the sunshine and warm weather we're experiencing, as they deal with frigid temperatures.

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