Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lame Non-Reply: AmericaBlog
on Hanging an HIV Poz Man

Let's recap. John Aravosis at his AmericaBlog gay pages, wrote last week that his initial reaction to an HIV poz military man convicted of not informing sex partners pertained to hanging the man. I asked John to clarify his views on hanging a poz person and the death penalty, and this is his full lame non-reply:

A lot of people don't defend you like I have. Or engage you like I have. I really thought you were better than that.

Instead of addressing my few questions, John shifts the focus to his alleged defense of me, against what charges and to whom, he doesn't say. And why would that or his engagement with me preclude him from giving answers?  My latest response to John, which has generated nothing but silence, asked him again to answer some simple concerns.

He asked for people to share their views. I did and explained why I was troubled with what he wrote. Now, thanks to his silence, I am left to think that John may have no problems with hanging an HIV positive man and also believes in capital punishment. Why he is unwilling to clarify his positions on such important matters is mystifying.

Two San Francisco bloggers, SF Mike, whom I've never met and who covers culture and politics at his site, and my friend Clinton Fein of, shared their views to my initial post and are well worth sharing. From SF Mike:

Good catch. I haven't been able to read John A. for years. His mix of hyperbole and sanctimony is laughable, and his conservative sheep in a liberal wolf's clothing has always been sort of sick-making.

And this what Clinton has to say:

John Aravosis comment about hanging a man for failing to disclose his status is simply lacking in intelligent forethought, and provides fodder for those who make it their business to regulate sex and morality - usually hypocrites. (Aravosis seemingly has no qualms about the military convicting the man on charges of adultery, despite his wife being a willing participant.)
Worse, however, he seems to think that those of us who are HIV negative are unable to assume responsibility for our own choices. If you're fucking multiple partners at a swingers party, the onus is on you, the participant, to make certain assumptions, weigh the risks and act accordingly. Don't then turn around and blame someone else. It's ridiculous. Is it a perfectly good driver's fault if you choose to dart across a busy road? Not all of us need a Nanny State to govern our behavior or how we engage sexually.

Education, not broaching the topic of executions, is the answer to the question of how to address sero disclosure by HIV poz persons.


Ed Sikov said...

"Not all of us need a Nanny State to govern our behavior or how we engage sexually."
Right. But it's now a hangin' nanny, and that's what I find a bit bothersome, to say the least.

DavidEhrenstein said...

I've found Aravosis questionable for years, beginning with his attacks on transexuals. With this latest he can no longer be considered anything toehr than an antagonist to the community.

Civic Center said...

Dear Michael: We've actually met a number of times, usually at Mirkarimi's art things in his City Hall office, where I'm usually in tow with my cool, straight buddy Kimo Crossman who's a Sunshine guy like you.

I'm quite amused that you seem to know me on sight but have never put together that I was the "Civic Center" sfmike dude.

There was a parody site of John Aravosis and AmericaBlog about three years ago that was one of the funniest (and meanest) things I've ever seen on the internet. It didn't last all that long because the anonymous author finally professed that it had become too depressing reading John A in depth day after day.