Thursday, January 06, 2011

SF Supe: Inmate Ed Jew 'Gets More Black Cock'
than Gay Pol

[Oops: My original headline was incorrect and contradicted by the quote. Apologies.]

Trustafarian and outgoing San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly (pictured), was roasted last night and the SF Weekly was present for the fun and insults:

And when a slightly boozed Daly took to the stage, his unsavory antics reached a whole new level.

"The only politician who gets more black cock than Mark Leno is Ed Jew," Daly said.

And then someone struck the gong. 

Daly's attempt at political humor strikes me as offensive on several counts. First, I see nothing wrong with openly gay state senator Mark Leno supposedly having sex with black men. What's Daly's problem with gay interracial sexual relations?

Second, Daly may be implying that former Supervisor Ed Jew, a heterosexual convicted felon now serving time, is the victim of sexual assaults in prison and that this is a laughing matter. Male-on-male prison violence and rape is no joke.

Thirdly, this comment is loaded with so much racial and sexual crackpot thinking it makes me happy all over again that I never wasted a vote on Daly and that his tenure ends in a few days.

I'll be curious to see if any of Daly's progressive allies take him to task for this remark, but I won't hold my breath waiting for San Francisco progressives to hold the Bully of the Board accountable.

Hey, Chris, have you thought of applying to work for Mel Gibson as his joke writer?


Anonymous said...

it's a roast! that's the whole point of a roast, to be offensive. all bets are off and nothing is sacred. sheesh!

Shimmer said...

Stay classy, Chris!