Friday, January 07, 2011

3 Corrupt Lez Pols Get Cushy
Schwarzenegger Appointments

Count me among the small minority of radical queers who is way over thinking electing Democrats who happen to be gay is a major avenue of gay liberation. Gay electeds are first and foremost about advancing their political careers first, everything else including gay community engagement and accountability come after staying in office or enjoying a patronage appointment.

Examples of recent b.s. from gay politicians giving cause to be wary of such creatures include the following.

Houston's lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, had to be pressured by me into speaking out about a gay youth suicide in her city.

Also silent until I persuaded him to open his gay mouth was former Providence, Rhode Island, mayor David Cicilline, regarding another gay kid killing himself. Cicilline is now a member of the House of Representatives. Yawn.

Down in Palm Springs the gay mayor, Steven Poegnet, steadfastly remained silent as his city's police force staged anti-gay sex stings and officers were accused of displaying disturbing homophobic leanings. Poegnet, who wanted to move up the political ladder and unseat U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack, a challenge that failed, can stay in his current office or retire for all I care.

In Sacramento this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger before stepping down as governor appointed three corrupt lesbian politicians to cushy, six-figure patronage positions. One of those appointments, generated a story about her new position and how it came about in the Capitol Weekly:

But one appointment stood out. Former state Sen. Carole Migden, a liberal San Francisco Democrat, was named to the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board, ...

Migden, despite repeated efforts, declined to be interviewed for this story. ...

Migden, unlike many of Schwarzenegger’s well-connected appointees, has had little interaction with Schwarzenegger and is recovering from a bout of embarrassing political controversies that landed her out of office two years ago. ...

Well then how did she get her appointment? Was it an elitist old girl network that did the trick to help Migden maintain getting a check from the taxpayers of California? Does the Pope wear a dress?

Capitol insiders say her lack of connection to Schwarzenegger wasn’t critical to her appointment, but that the driving force behind the selection was Migden’s friend Susan Kennedy, Schwarzenegger’s chief of staff and second-most powerful person in his administration. ...

For those not up on, or who have forgotten Migden's corruption, here's a reminder:

In 2007, she pled no contest to a misdemeanor reckless driving charge after she caused an accident in her state-owned SUV during a now-infamous 30-mile ride down Interstate 80.

Attempting to access funds from previous campaign accounts, Migden was slapped with a record $350,000 fine for violating campaign finance laws. ...

That old girl network takes care of itself, and Migden wasn't alone among corrupt lesbian pols making a soft landing at the end of Schwarzenegger's tenure:

Other Capitol insiders say it's a much simpler case of the governor taking care of those close to his top advisor. Some cite a long friendship between Migden and Kennedy, who came to be known as “the little governor.”

Schwarzenegger included both Kennedy and her wife, Vicki Marti, among his final appointments while still in office. ...

Isn't that so special of the "the little governor" to take care of herself, her spouse and the nightmare known as Carole Migden. Corruption, collusion and looking out for their own political careers knows no sexual orientation boundaries.

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