Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feb 3 S.F. Rally Poster for David Kato
& Gay Ugandans Needs Publicity

The necessary pieces to create a successful public vigil and protest over the horrific murder of gay Ugandan leader David Kato on January 26 are coming together. Friends, news photographers and other bloggers are calling saying they're coming this Thursday to the rally. We have a bullhorn charged up, global gay solidarity signs and one rainbow flag, ready for use.

And today, thanks to the creativity of Gary Virginia, a community organizer who wears many hats including graphic designer for Gays Without Borders/SF, the small group sponsoring the rally, there's now a fabulous poster to share and use for recruiting gays and our allies to be at the rally.

San Francisco, where the United Nations was chartered and which also is a bright beacon of hope and liberation to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people around the world, takes its responsibilities of showing clear and unequivocal solidarity with our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Gay citizens and our many allies in San Francisco are deeply saddened by the murder of David Kato, along with the deaths, bloody assaults, political and religious discrimination and biases faced by gay people in far too many countries and we will not be silent.

Today I am asking you to play a part in making the February 3 rally at Harvey Milk Plaza from 6 pm to 7 pm an action we can be proud of, by doing one or more of the following steps:

1. Spread the poster above on your blog or Facebook page, via Twitter feeds and email blasts. Help Gays Without Borders/SF get the word out.

2. Commit to being at the protest, bringing a couple of friends, signs deploring capital punishment or expressing solidarity with gay Ugandans, a candle to light or a rainbow flag.

3. If you don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area, organize your own street action for the gay community of Uganda in the coming week or so.

In December 2009, Gays Without Borders/SF staged a solidarity rally at the Uganda pillar at United Nations Plaza because of our anger at American evangelical Christian ministers exporting their vile and dangerous of homosexual-hatred to the African nation.

We had a simple, yet powerful message that we chanted: "Gay Ugandans under attack. What do we do? Act up! Fight back!"

Now is the moment we must loudly repeat that chant in the streets of San Francisco. Show up on February 3 at Castro and Market Streets at 6 pm. Publicize the poster and details of the rally. Help send a message of hope and solidarity to gay Ugandans.

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