Friday, January 21, 2011

Meetup Sat. at Cafe Flore
to Plan Anti-HRC Speak Out

The Human Rights Campaign has moved into Harvey Milk's former camera shop on Castro Street, and the grand opening for the HRC store is set for May 22, which is Harvey's birthday and will be the second year of California officially recognizing the date as one of significance.

Since there is no democratic engagement from HRC with many parts of the community it claims to represent, I am working with longtime queer housing advocate Tommi Avicolli Mecca to stage an All-People's Soap Box Speak Out on May 22, in order to send a message to the elitist group and to empower activists of all ages to hold Gay Inc accountable.

To get the ball rolling, Tommi and I are holding an open coffee chat this Saturday, January 22, from noon to 1 pm at Cafe Flore, located at Market and Noe Streets. All folks fed up with HRC, it's agenda, and social justice matters of importance to queer people are invited to join us.

Everyone is asked to mark their calendars for the May 22 All-People's Soap Box Speak Out, and to spread the word about this action in a few months. It's never too early to begin organizing for democratic change at Gay Inc.

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Dave said...


Sorry I missed the meet up! II just got back from London (YES I FINALLY GOT MARRIED!!) Both Eric and I cancelled our HRC Memberships two years ago, they are useless - let me know when your next one is!