Monday, February 08, 2010

SF Weekly: Chron Hardly
'Outed' Prop 8 Judge

The writers and editors at the SF Weekly have made no effort to hide their overall disdain for my blogging and advocacy efforts over the years, so I'm in a bit of shock that they've gone out of their way to give me credit for something.

The alt weekly's Snitch blog takes note today of the SF Chronicle reporting on the gay orientation of the judge in the Prop 8 trial, and questions if the paper actually outed him, when this blog had raised the issue of the judge's gayness back in July.

From the Snitch item, written by Lauren Smiley, to whom I say, thank you:

Same-sex marriage advocates are chagrined by Chronicle columnists Matier and Ross' piece yesterday that "outed" U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker -- the federal decision-maker in the same-sex marriage case. [...]

If nothing else, Matier and Ross' column brings up an interesting koan for the 21st century: Can you "out" someone who isn't in the closet? [...]

In fact, all the way back in July of last year, local gay blogger Michael Petrelis penned an article titled "Gay Judge for Bois/Olson Prop 8 Lawsuit?" Within this entry, Petrelis noted that, upon viewing a photo of Walker's dapper visage, "my gaydar's bells and whistles went off." After watching walker preside at an earlier hearing on the same-sex marriage case, Petrelis wrote: "I was convinced the judge was a gay man."

Petrelis went on to note that Walker's "chipper demeanor, and low-key humor that several times set off loud laughter from lawyers and spectators, gave me the feeling Walker would make an excellent entertainer at a gay piano bar for refined mature gentlemen." The blogger also remarked that the fact an earlier story about the judge in the Chron had no mention of a wife "raised rainbow flags." Plus two "LGBT community reporters" told him they that Walker "was considered 'family.'" Petrelis' blog was picked up by the popular gay blog Queerty three days later. [...]

Matier and Ross made no mention of the aforementioned rumblings in the blogosphere about the judge's sexual orientation in their column, merely noting it was an "open secret." [...]

I'm sure the Chronicle's political gossip columnists hated getting the call from the SF Weekly, asking about this blog's role in bringing attention to Walker being a member of the gay family. This isn't the first time those gossips have failed to credit this blog.

In December, Eve Batey, the editor at the site, wrote a piece on how Matier and Ross didn't mention my exclusive reporting on a meeting where a sex tent idea for the Folsom Street Fair was discussed. The Chronicle gossips were not at that meeting, a fact they blithely omitted.

And though I'm happy an alt publication that has been critical of me lays off with their usual snark directed at me, I suspect they'll soon be back to getting on my case about something.

But for now, I take great pleasure in seeing my critics at the SF Weekly reminding their readers that before the old-fashioned mainstream media got around to reporting on Judge Walker being gay, this blog and had reported that fact months ago.

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Anonymous said...

Why would "same-sex marriage advocates" be "chagrined" over the a gay judge deciding a case that directly impacts gay (and lesbian) lives?

Heterosexual judges routinely make decisions that apply to heterosexual lives.