Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jamaican Hate Singer:
'People Should
Hear' His Message

One of the top homo-hating singers from Jamaica, Sizzla, gave an interview with the Sunday Mail in Zimbabwe on the eve of a concert in the African country. The matter of his views on gays came up, and he again showed his hatred this weekend:

Q: I understand you were made to sign some documents that forbid you from singing anti-gay songs when you are in Europe. What is your position on gay relationships?

A: The preachings and teachings of the Most High say that it is not right for a man to be with another man or a woman with another woman. All of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the union of a man and woman. Family is a basic unit in society.

I support the royal family set-up of a king and a queen.

I did not sign any papers, it is just an agreement I have with certain promoters — it is their system. I cannot stop singing those songs because there is a message in those songs which people should hear.

The folks at OutRage! have tracked his homophobic lyrics, some of which were posted on the UK Gay News site when Sizzla was to perform over in Birmingham in 2004:

Lyrics in Jamaican patios, with the standard English translation underneath in brackets [ ].

Sizzla - Pump Up

Step up inna front line [Step up to the front line]
fire fi di man dem weh go ride man behind [burn the men who have sex with men from behind]
Shot battybwoy, my big gun boom [Shoot queers, my big gun goes boom]

Sizzla – Boom Boom

Boom boom! Batty boy them fi dead [Boom boom (as in gunshots) Queers must be killed]

So Sizzla thinks the messages of his songs are something he can't stop singing and that folks should hear his message, one that calls for bashing and killing gays? This performer should be challenged at every opportunity to end his campaign of hatred and murder music against gay people.

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