Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HRC Reveals Road Map to . . . Drag Bingo!

Oh, the absurdities of the American gays and their leading political advocacy org, the Human Rights Campaign. They just keep piling up. Consider the following absurd schedule of HRC events at the grassroots level, the last weekend of the month.

Yes, Joe Solmonese made the following boast in August 2009, "I also have a very clear road map and a plan" to achieve repealing Don't Ask/Don't Tell and passing the Employment Non Discrimination Act, and hasn't shown the community his road map, but the HRC money-making machine marches on.

The 2010 edition of HRC's Carolinas Gala is one damn party-filled weekend, with nary a political action to be seen on the schedule. This gala is another in a decades-long string of examples of the real HRC agenda: Keep the money flowing. Genuine political organizing, that is effective and achieves federal results, is at the bottom of HRC's gay agenda.

Among the events scheduled over the weekend is this fun-filled activity. Please note that a map is linked to:
Friday, February 26: 7-9 p.m. Drag Bingo (HRC Style)
It’s just a silly game. It’s outrageous. It’s funny. It’s DRAG BINGO! And this weekend, it’s coming to Raleigh. Featuring the always hilarious Mary K-mart and John Paul Womble, this is a can’t miss event. Tickets are $17.
For ticket information please visit
Raleigh Convention Center
Room 302
500 S. Salisbury Street - view map
Doors open at 7p.m., show starts at 8p.m.

The HRC is probably beyond any hope of achieving actual benefits at the federal level for gay people in this country, when, at this point in our movement, it is easier to find so many galas on their site, and comparable political mobilizations just aren't happening with HRC's membership.

I don't know how anyone can look at the HRC Carolinas Gala page and then come out and make the argument that this is a serious org pulling out all the stops to repeal DA/DT.

As if the drag bingo and gala weekend are not enough absurdity, HRC is peddling Solmonese has a "special guest." At his org's own gala, the director is a special invitee?

Here's his bio sketch:

President of the HRC since 2005, Solmonese has created successful initiatives to advance our vision for equality in both legislative and corporate arenas.

Where is the HRC road map to gay equality?


Sister Mary F. Poppins said...

What a fresh idea! Harrumph.

On the other hand, a proven moneymaker. I wonder if they'd like help from some nuns who have been doing it for years?

SMFP, Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

AndrewW said...

I have been raising the question of whether lobbying was effective when the HRC BlogSwarm was announced. It is clear that both the response of HRC and the many comments on LGBT Blogs that it is NOT. We should honor that fact by figuring out what IS effective.

An elected officials position on LGBT issues is non-negotiable. It does us no good to send letters, emails or make calls. The only thing we can express to them is anger or frustration. There minds are made up.

During our 50 years of struggle/fight we have never changed a politicians mind about LGBT issues. (I spent a lot of money researching that fact). There are only two solutions:

1. Replace the politician, or
2. Change the minds of their constituents.

Harold Ford is a very recent example of a Politician changing his mind. When Ford was in Tennessee (78% religious) he was against same-sex marriage. Now, with Ford in New York (48% religious) he know supports same-sex marriage. HE didn't change his mind - the polls did.

I raised the issue of meaningless lobbying because we keep sending people down that ineffective path. They simply end up more frustrated and less likely to participate in our movement. We are literally asking people to commit participation suicide. That must stop.

The Victory Fund and the efforts of Tim Gill, Jon Stryker and others seeking to replace anti-LGBT politicians is one potential solution. But, it is a difficult proposition UNTIL we change the minds of constituents.

As a community we spend millions of dollars and we rarely make an honest and objective effort to determine the effectiveness of tactics, ideas and strategies. The one benefit of the BlogSwarm may be a better understanding of the effectiveness of HRC (or lack thereof).

During the last year I have been encouraging accountability and I have been seeking ideas to WIN. A tremendous amount of money has been spent on research and the development of new ideas - each with the requirement of proving their effectiveness.

I would invite everyone to ask a simple question of any non-profit advocacy group, activist group or community leader: How many Americans support the full equality of LGBT persons? See if they know the answer to THAT question.

I have learned the answer to that question and it is encouraging. A strategy is being created to finally project HOW and WHEN we will achieve our full equality. Everyone will be able to participate/contribute. The strategy is made up of 4 new ideas and 7 national media campaigns. For the first time in the history of our movement, it ALL adds up to victory. The "math" works.

The challenge we face will be our ability to be completely honest and objective about the effectiveness of ALL ideas/tactics. We will not re-ignite a real, sustainable movement until we let go of "perceived" benefits and focus ONLY on "verifiable" benefits. I hope we can.

Our movement will not have the required direction, unity or participation it needs, until we can see the evidence that it will lead to victory. We NEED to see HOW and WHEN we will WIN. "One of these days" and "keep trying" are simply not good enough.