Friday, February 26, 2010

FOIA: FBI's File on Dan White,
Harvey Milk's Assassin

Soon after I blogged last week about filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI, for copies of any records on slain gay leader Harvey Milk, a friend asked about the federal agency's file on his assassin Dan White (above, left). He mentioned a reference to such a file in Randy Shilts' book "The Mayor of Castro Street."

Here is the relevant passage:

According to documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI had started a probe into Dan White's connections with [a major San Francisco real estate developer] to see if the concession [for tourists at a pier], was a payoff for political favors. Before the probe turned up any substantive information, however, Dan White had been charged with far more serious crimes and the FBI files noted that the investigation "should not be discussed outside the bureau."

Needless to say, that piqued my curiosity, so I used the Get Grandpa's FBI File site to generate a FOIA request. My request has been sent to the field office here, and headquarters in Washington. Since we know from Shilts' book that the FBI has a record on White, it shouldn't take a long time to locate and release it.

I like the Get Grandpa's FBI File letter-generating site, because it's so quick and easy to use, to create a FOIA request for records on any deceased person. Why not do your part for American sunshine and file a request?

I've Googled for another reference to the White file, or maybe even the actual records posted somewhere on the web, but located nothing relevant. As soon as I hear back from the feds, I'll share their response, and eventually hope to make any FBI files on Milk, and the known file on White, available on the web.

Let the sunshine in!


Jerry Pritikin said...

When Dan White and Harvey Milk were on the Board of Supervisors... their annual ncome from that job was just over $9,000. In fact, that was the reason Dan White, originally quit the Board. He had a new baby, and his wife ran the Potato franchise on Pier 39. Pier 39, did not get the support from the Board of Supervisors to do business there... and Dan White voted to pass it... about the time he bought, or was given the Franchise from the owner of the property. Ironically, Harvey was also having income problems... and his gay landlord raised his rent, and he had to move from the Castro St. location. Today, Supervisors get a livable wage... and often perks from people doing business with the City.

Anonymous said...

These are all boring and stupid people. Who cares what FBI knows about them? Find out what they knew about Rudolf Nureyev. This is much more important.