Sunday, February 14, 2010

Second CA Concert by
Hate Singer Canceled

What's the good word from about another cancellation for a Jamaican hate singer trying to profit off his incitement to bash and kill gay people? The answer comes from the CalCoastNews story posted this afternoon:

Capleton’s concert at Downtown Brewing Company on Feb. 17 has been canceled. The club’s management and the show’s promoter, Numbskull Productions, said in an e-mail on Feb. 14 to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast (GALA) that they were canceling because of information provided by concerned citizens.

Capleton is watching his United States tour crumble as groups against hate have put pressure on venues that planned to host the Reggae singer who advocates for the murder of gay people. A concert planned for earlier this month in Humboldt was also canceled. [...]

The concert venue has posted a cancellation notice on their web site. Click here to read it. Unfortunately, the notice gives no explanation as to why the plug was pulled.

From across the pond, Peter Tatchell, the veteran international gay campaigner who was the first to urge California gays to organize, protest and attempt to stop the Capleton money-making performances, offered praise for the activism leading to a change of mind by venue owners:

"Congratulations to LGBT activists in San Luis Obispo and Humboldt for protesting against 'murder music' singer Capleton, and forcing cancellations of his shows in those areas. This issue is not about mere homophobia. Capleton advocates killing LGBT people. What he says is worse than hatred. It's incitement to murder.

"Shame on the venue owners that have not canceled. They would never host a white supremacist singer who advocated the killing of black people. Why the double
standards? There should be a zero tolerance of racism and homophobia. Capleton's concerts everywhere should be canceled," said Tatchell.

Here's the info on the hate singer's remaining concerts in the U.S.:

San Diego, CA, on Monday, February 15, at the San Diego Sports Arena.

Crystal Bay, Nevada, on Thursday, February 18, at the Tahoe Biltmore.

Oakland, CA, on Saturday, February 20, at the Fox Theatre.

Long Beach, CA, on Sunday, February 21, at the Long Beach Arena.

Miami, FL, on Saturday, February 27, at Bayfront Park.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that activists in those areas either get the shows nixed, or stage protests at the arenas and theaters where Capleton will sing. And kudos to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast who persuaded the San Luis Obispo theater owner to cancel the February 17 performance.

And the folks at GLAAD, for whom gay advocacy is strictly done only Monday - Friday, during business hours, have nothing on their site about this positive development in California.

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