Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sen. Leno Endorses SF Rally
for Iran's Democracy;

Today, at 5 PM, in Harvey Milk Plaza

Just received this very welcome message from openly gay state Senator Mark Leno:

Hi Michael,

You can list Senator Leno as a supporter/sponsor of this event.

Thanks for the email.



Ali Bay

Office of Senator Mark Leno


Thanks, Ali and Mark!

I've purchased a few green scarves and large lime green plastic tableclothes, to use as props at the action. I'll also have signs reading "Where are their votes?" Oh, a bull horn, too.

Please join in this important solidarity action with the freedom-loving protesters of Iran.

Here's the info:

WHAT: Solidarity Rally

WHO: Gays Without Borders/SF

WHY: Support Iranian Democracy

WHERE: Harvey Milk Plaza

WHEN: Thursday, June 18

TIME: 5 - 6 pm

And Dan over at send this encouraging message:

BTW, if you think it'll help your rally today, you're welcome to say that the conservative GayPatriot blog supports your work on this front and commends your efforts. Once again, thanks for organizing this. I made sure my post on your rally lead our blog for the entire morning today.

Good luck today!
Thanks, Dan, for the support and this great blog post promoting the rally.

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