Thursday, June 18, 2009

DC March: Conference Calls, Committees -

All Organized in the Dark

A source of mine received the following email tonight from one of the National Equality March/Meet on the Mall/Equality Across America organizers, one Robin McGehee, organizer of the recent Fresno action that had no bounce rippling across gay CA afterward.

She's now one of Cleve Jones' key point-persons for whatever is supposed to happen in DC in October, and her email is just full of useful details, details not available on the march's web site.

Did anyone know this alleged grassroots and transparent organizing effort for October had 16 committees and is scheduling conference calls? Who's on the committees and calls? Good question, which I supposed will be answered one day.

Just like one day the folks behind the march will eventually hold an gosh darn old-fashioned public meeting. Maybe even two. Might be an effective way to engage folks and practice actual transparency.

Until then, I'll do my best to pass along info such as this and hopefully persuade McGehee and her colleagues to let the gay sunshine in.

Here's her email:
Subject: National Equality March - Equality Across America


My name is Robin McGehee and I am working with Cleve Jones, Torie Osborn, David Mixner and a ton of grassroots organizers from across the US. Your name and contact info was forwarded to me by one of them or I have met you recently and you showed some interest in the upcoming event we are planning.

The event web site is and our entire focus is working towards the goal to secure equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.

We have two areas of focus:

1. The event that will be bringing many of us together and activities associated with that event, and
2. Congressional District Action Teams that are currently forming across the US and that are being organized to create a system of accountability for our elected officials.

The event will not have lots of production details, but works to primarily focus on the messaging. At this current moment we have a DC team in place that is working on the facilitation of the permits, financial quotes for event logistical items and general DC details.

I know there are still many questions that possibly you, and others, have about the event. We are not sending this message as an already determined conclusion that you are definitely willing to help. We are more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have and know that the only way this event will be a success for all of us, is if we are all working to collaborate. Bottom line, I/we am more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Collaborate with us, promote with us and meet with us - October 10-13, 2009 - we can do this if we all work together.

Below are the sub-committee groups that we see as areas of focus to make this event happen. If you could look at each category and access how your skill-set might fit in to what we are looking for - once you determine the group(s) you'd like to participate in, please let me know and I'll connect you through a google group. If you see a sub-committee that might be missing, please point that out as well.

> Press & Publicity
> DC Travel
> DC Accommodations
> Web
> Mkting & Graphic Design
> Event Programs
> Volunteer Coordinator
> DC Event logistics
> Outreach
> Sharing Resources - phonebanking, canvasing
> CDAT leaders
> CDAT instructional research & training team
> Steering Committee
> Direct Action
> Endorsements
> Writers/Bloggers

Also, please let me know which days of the week and times work best for conference calls.


Robin McGehee
Fresno, CA

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