Friday, June 12, 2009

March on DC is Now Meet on the Mall --
For a Fisting Scene?

As far as personal sexual activities with other men goes, I'm not into the fisting scene. Sure, I support my brothers who engage in fisting for sexual pleasures and understand its allure for a good number of gays. Many gays who fist, inserting the hand into a man's anus, are fond of Crisco as a lubricant.

And fisting and Crisco are the only two things that cum to mind looking at the imagery for what used to be the March on Washington for Massive LGBT Egos, and is now Meet on the Mail.

I look at the poster above and see a man's sensual and angry fist, breaking through a Crisco container, and a rosebud in the behind the fist, opening a hole wide and gaping. You red hanky boys know exactly what I'm talking about!

Like my invitation, and yours, to the planning meeting for the MOW in October, my invitation to the meeting where it was decided there will now be a meeting instead of a march, got lost on its way to my in-box.

Get the latest thrust of news on the march, or fisting party, or outdoor meeting, or shopping stroll, or whatever the hell the thing is gay advocates are planning for October 11 in Washington from the Facebook page.

To view the same boring one-page official web site for the National Equality March, click here. Oh, the march now has a Twitter account.

It's still murky what sort of damn thing is gonna happen in DC in October, and those unsinkable supporters of it will surely show up, not in large numbers, but enough to warrant some press attention. Right?

And I'll be watching the hundreds of my LGBT brothers and sisters parade and give speeches like they did in Fresno recently, all from the comfort of my home, either on the web or via C-SPAN.


Anonymous said...

Surely one of the most scandalous posts to date! From a historical perspective, the clenched fist was used in a number of works by German photomontage artist John Heartfield, associated with the Dadaists.

Personally, I think the march should be turned into an avant-garde mass performance piece of BDSM public sex acts. Come on Michael, dust off your chaps, grab your whip and show those D.C. queens what submission is all about!

by Sean said...

I see an arm and fist in the air as a sign of fight and courage in the face of adversity. If you see it as the sexual activity of fisting and prefer to spell words to invoke a sexual overtone ("cum" rather than "come"), then I wonder if that says something about who you are as a human being. With respect to the March on Washington, I am a human who wants to fight for my LGBT civil rights, and I proudly raise my arm in the air with a clenched fist.

Unknown said...

hey anonymous - i don't have any chaps! will khaki shorts do the, um, trick, for you? happy to see you're also keeping a sense of humor about the silliness of the Whatever on DC in october.

hey sean - thanks for confirming that different people see different things in the same poster for gay rights. our opposing opinions on the fisting/meet in the middle of the mall poster show there is true diversity in gay thinking today.

regarding your participation in the october DC action, you can raise both fists and scream all you want at the empty government buildings. i'll be sure to look for you, and the hundreds of other gays, on the web and CSPAN.

Anonymous said...

It's a immature image, backed by people who want to feel they are doing something, who want to lash out, who want attention for their pain. Attention for *themselves*.

But this kind of crap has always gone on. And it does not help. It may make some people feel better, but I don't think that's our objective.

If there's anything that persuadable, mushy-middle voters and politicians hate -- and distance themselves from -- it's angry gays with fists having tantrums in the street. And putting it in the poster. To make sure everyone knows that a public tantrum is the Big Idea.

Not that I'm into HRC's wobbly-kneed sellout approach to all things. But you gotta be smart. You gotta fight smart.

Anonymous said...

I am totally against this stupid march that will not accomplish anything for our community. It's time to be more inventive and creative in our struggle for equality.

By the way, I find fisting truly disgusting but do not judge those who enjoy it.