Friday, September 09, 2016

Wiener Roast on Sept 24th at Campaign HQ: Stop Sleazy Scotty!

I'm organizing a Wiener Roast on Saturday, September 24th from noon until 1 pm, at Scott Wiener's campaign headquarters at 4035 18th Street, near Noe.

The latest act of skulduggery by ambitious Scott Wiener involves his supporters and donors stooping-low to attack his opponent Jane Kim, in their race for state senate. Fyi, I've not endorsed either candidate and Kim will likely get vote even though she's no great shakes and under no circumstances will I cast a ballot for Wiener.

That said, here is what Kim's campaign said yesterday that concerns me: 

"Prominent leaders in the LGBTQ community are speaking out against new televised attack ads against San Francisco Supervisor and State Senate candidate Jane Kim. These false and misleading ads are funded through contributions from special interests including landlords, realtors and charter schools to Equality California Political Action Committee. We respect the work of EQCA to fight for the LGBTQ community, but are disappointed with their engagement in these attacks."

Ok, big yawn to the same progressive queers hitting their keyboards but the campaign negativity via EQCA, all in the name of elected a problematic gay man to higher office, is a wake up call.

Wiener has many sleazy donors, including the Castro Blight King, alias one Les Natali who donated $8,400 to his state campaign. While hypocrite Wiener bemoans Natali keeping his valuable Castro district properties empty, equal to his promise of reopening The Patio Cafe, he happily cashes the Blight King's checks.

If you've ever had an complaint or issue with Wiener, don't approve of who funds him, want to send his campaign a message regarding the state senate race or related concerns, then please come out on September 24th at noon for a fun Wiener Roast!

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Rusty said...

I would really, really like to attend this event, but am already committed to attending the Body Art Show & Parade which George Davis is organizing. Both events will take place at the same time.