Friday, September 23, 2016

Clear Channel's New Netting on Radulovich Plaza Bus Shelters

The improvement of public health for all users of the transit hubs at BART's 16th and Mission station, at my urging, continues thanks to a crew from Clear Channel.

Workers from the outdoor advertising giant, which is responsible for maintaining Muni bus shelters and keeping them scrubbed of dirt and pigeon poop, installed anti-bird netting yesterday on all four shelter at the hub. This step will prevent pigeons from landing on the shelters' roof and is laudable.

However, it does not address the larger problem of the pigeons roosting on the many PG&E electrical cables directly above the shelters. What's required to stop the birds from defecating on our heads and creating health hazards, is for PG&E to apply pigeon repellent pepper gel on their cables.

The Clear Channel crew also again cleaned the roofs and needless to say, I'm very pleased the Muni bus shelter at the eastern Radulovich Plaza, near Burger King, is the most poop-free surface I've seen in a long time at this location.

Check out the before and after photos I've taken and a robust cheer to the Clear Channel managers and workers to addressing my concerns. Click to enlarge and view the netting in the photo on the right.

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