Friday, September 23, 2016

Safety Pole Replaces Hazardous Stump & More BART Scrubbing

This is what I saw tonight at the eastern 16th Street BART plaza and on the concourse level. 

The metal stump that was all that remained for the past five weeks after the electrical BART sign was destroyed, which I requested be removed and no longer put pedestrians at risk of falling over, is gone. In its place is a safety pole and a small hole under it. 

On the concourse level, there was a crew of six male workers washing down the tiles and information display cases on the sides of the station. I was informed that they began nighttime cleaning more than a week ago and it was in response to complaints that had come in to BART. 

Yes, I requested BART management addressed the dirty walls and surfaces and I'm applauding the managers and blue collar workers moving quickly again to address my concerns.

We all benefit from my campaign to sanitize this BART station and plaza spaces. The big question I need to pose is how to get regular cleanings and maintain good public health practices without lodging a flurry of requests and complaints.

I'd be honored to have your vote this election season. Vote for zealous Petrelis and send a message to BART and other agencies with domain over 16th and Mission Streets: We want a healthy public transit hub!

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