Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Castro Courier: Petrelis Pushes for Milk Plaza Public Meetings

Many thanks go out to reporter Maya Lekach for her front-page and above-the-fold article in the September edition of the Castro Courier newspaper, about lack of transparency regarding revamping Harvey Milk Plaza.

She writes that I've pushed the SFMTA to hold public meetings about this critical public space at Castro and Market Streets and that the transit agency, which is responsible for transforming this hub, promises openness by the end of the month.

Sure would be a welcome change if the Castro stakeholders who've been meeting behind closed doors, away from community scrutiny, understood the importance of community engagement and delivered it. The major changes coming to Milk Plaza are quite far along and it's time for SFMTA transparency.

The Castro Courier is helping to bring sunshine to Milk Plaza. The article is not yet online, so I'm sharing a photo of it.

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