Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SFMTA Scrubs Pigeon Poop Off its Signs at Radulovich Plaza

Earlier today, a cleaning crew from the Department of Parking and Traffic within the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency removed the horrible bird feces dirtying two traffic signs at Radulovich Plaza.

The signs, which are SFMTA property, are near the Muni bus shelter on 16th Street a few yards away from Mission Street.

It's taken about three-plus weeks for this scrubbing and I spoke with SFMTA boss Ed Reiskin today, thanking his public workers for addressing my sanitary concerns related to BART's 16th Street plazas.

I've asked him to see about regular steam-washing of all SFMTA signage and real estate at this location. He promised to looked in to it and I assured him I'll be monitoring his signage and reporting to him at SFMTA meetings or via email.

There must be accountability regarding current BART board director for District 9 Tom Radulovich. For twenty years he's been responsible for the transit hub at 16th Street and I believe the public has a right to know why he's allowed the conditions to become so deplorable there.

Radulovich is also the executive director of the Livable City advocacy organization and his bio at their site says he's taken the lead for "the creation of transit villages at BART stations."

Well, the transit village at the BART plaza I've dubbed in his name is in dire need of his and a whole lotta public agencies' attention.

I ask all District 9 voters to consider my advocacy this campaign season that is delivering tangible public health benefits to all users of the BART plazas at 16th Street. I'd be honored to have your vote.

Lemme know what you think of the before and after photos!

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