Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thanks, BART, for Installing Pigeon Spikes at Radulovich Plaza!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the maintenance crew for BART's pigeon abatement program has placed many yards of anti-avian spikes at Radulovich Plaza, in response to my urging the agency to take this public health enhancement step.

To better deliver accountability over how and why the BART Plaza at 16th and Mission Street has deteriorated to such a hazardous condition, I have dubbed it Radulovich Plaza for the BART director who's been responsible for twenty-years for the station.

Tom Radulovich has done all of us a huge disservice ignoring the extreme lack of decent sanitation and I'm proud of my advocacy getting the plaza to meet a higher public health standard.

I snapped these photos today. The Pit Stop agent said the spikes went up over the weekend making him happy. Thanks, BART, for taking actions at my request to improve the environment at this busy hub.

The image with the light purple background and black fence, bordering the western plaza, on the left shows pigeons roosting and their fecal matter visible. The right side is of the newly installed spiking on both ledges of the fence.

The Mission and 16th directional arrows and tiles atop the entrance to the western plaza now have a double-row of spikes.

At the eastern plaza's subway entrance, the cement tops near the handrails are now lined with taut wires preventing the birds from landing. All this metal will reduce the amount of pigeon crap in key areas of Radulovich Plaza.

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