Thursday, September 08, 2016


SFPD: Names of 39 Cop Suspects, 18 Civilian Deaths, 0 Charges

Since January 2011, when San Francisco's top cop George Gascon was tapped by outgoing Mayor Gavin Newsom to serve as the district attorney, 18 civilians have been fatally shot by SFPD officers.

Through my previous public records requests, I've learned and shared those 18 names:

2011Smith, Joshua; Woo, Peter; Harding, Kenneth; Young, Steven 
2012Pralourng, Pralith; Hughes, Dennis
2013: Wilkerson, Dale 
2014: Nieto, Alejandro; Sandoval-Contreras, Giovany; Evans, Oshaine
2015: Hoffman, Matthew; Perez-Lopez, Emilcar; Brown, Alice; Benitez, Herbert; Lopez, Javier; Woods, Mario
2016: Gongora, Luis; Nelson, Jessica 

My latest request to the SFPD was for the list of names of the officers involved in each fatality, their rank, badge number and official departmental photo. All of those public records, except for the photos were are exempt from release (if only criminal suspects had such a special privilege), were emailed to me today.

There are 39 names of SFPD officers involved in the deaths of the 18 civilians and not one has faced any charge from DA Gascon.

Oh, yes, he's convened a self-serving and powerless blue ribbon panel to burnish his calling to Gov. Jerry Brown to appoint him as state attorney general should Kamala Harris be elected to the U.S. Senate, ostensibly to combat problem officers and such at SFPD.

But bring an actual indictment against a man or woman in blue who's killed? No, we don't get a single prosecution in any of the 18 fatalities from Gascon. Here's the list of the 39 officers:

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