Thursday, September 15, 2016

BART: 'No Written Policy' for Keeping Toilets Closed

Since the 9/11 attacks fifteen-years ago, millions of BART riders have been greatly inconvenienced due to shuttered public toilets at the concourse level of ten stations.

We've been told repeatedly by BART leaders their policy to better protect users from potential terrorism in the restrooms was to keep them closed. Ok, but what exactly does that policy state? I can't very well work to reverse it and get toilets reopened if I don't have that policy in hand.

After a few weeks of nudging for BART to produce the policy after I filed a public records request, I finally know the answer to my simple question. This message is from assistant district secretary Patricia K. Williams:

"There is no written policy. All restrooms are open except in the underground stations. This will complete the District’s response to your request dated August 16, 2016."

Oh. Nothing's been committed to ink-and-paper. BART is keeping the toilets closed with no plans to reopen them. We're all suffering the effects of this policy. Infrastructure malfunctions and sometimes needs replacing, at significant expense due to all the human pee and poop around the stations.

The closest BART comes to having anything in writing are the signs about the closed restrooms at the stations citing heightened security concerns.

It is wrong of this public agency to deny the public access to toilets and not have any documents to explain this position. This must change.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

I applaud your efforts in this matter.