Wednesday, September 21, 2016

BART's Sign & Pole Vanish from Radulovich Plaza

Add this item to the long list of problems at BART's 16th Street station that incumbent Tom Radulovich has ignored at a location that's included in his board portfolio.

For about five long weeks, BART's sign and pole at the eastern plaza close to Walgreens has been missing. Vanished and a hazardous metal stump left in the ground posing risks to pedestrians.

Today, a traffic cone sat atop the stump at Radulovich Plaza. I've filed a service request with BART for replacement of the light and double-sided plastic sign. There should be a serious accounting of what Radulovich, who's also the boss at the Livable City group one that I would think might have an interest in this transit hub but seems to pay no attention to it.

The solid steel circle on the edge of the plaza is one more factor diminishing decent public health practices at this location and rectifying the problem is part of my platform. Vote for zealous Petrelis!

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