Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clear Channel Scrubs Muni Bus Shelters: Pigeon Poop Gone!

Sure looks like my campaign for the BART board District 9 seat is producing quite a good number of robust advances for public health at Radulovich Plaza at 16th and Mission Streets.

Today I've been informed by Derek Gomez, the transit shelter supervisor for Clear Channel, that several steps have been taken to address my requests for cleaning the SFMTA bus shelters and dealing with the pigeons:

"I have hired a company that will be pigeon proofing the shelter. They will be letting me know soon when the work will be scheduled. Also this shelter has been power washed 9/13 this past Tuesday. Also was cleaned yesterday. And is scheduled for another power washing today."

The Muni shelters are SFMTA property but because of the advertising they contain, and which is maintained by Clear Channel, the media and public furniture company is responsible for scrubbings and cleanliness.

The before photo on the left, and after image on the right, were snapped by Gomez and shared with me by Gail Stein, of the SFMTA.

Many thanks to Gomez and his crew, Stein, and everyone at Clear Channel and SFMTA who produced this power-washing. Let's hope it's done regularly.

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