Friday, September 23, 2016

BART's 3-Wk Scrubbing of Radulovich Plaza Begins Tonite 

There may not be regular during-the-week power-washing of the 16th Street BART plazas. I had a phone conversation today with Julie A. Yim, BART's customer service representative who's been handling my various complaints and service requests.

We went over her email below, which explains that the crew to clean the cement pedestrian surfaces around the subway entrances and other areas, spends four week at one Mission District BART station, cleaning just it.

After that time, the crew is at the other station every night after the system stops running. So, weeks go by where one station is scrubby nightly and the other builds up dirt and health hazards for a month.

I've asked Yim to confirm that this is indeed the schedule.

The good news here is that thanks to my advocacy, starting tonight after midnight, and continuing for three blessed weeks, BART will be cleansing Radulovich Plaza at 16th and Mission.

Speaking of District 9 incumbent Tom Radulovich, he must be held to account for this nonsensical cleaning schedule at two of the stations in his portfolio. Why has he been blind to the deplorable public health conditions and not urging BART to deliver better sanitation?

This is Yim's email:

"There is a special scrub crew for the 24th Street and 16th Street stations that works during non-revenue hour, meaning after the trains stop running.

"The crew takes (4) weeks at each station, back and forth. With recent complaints the crew was instructed to move their equipment from 24th to 16th to clean the west and east side plaza areas. That includes the stairwells and sidewalks.

"They went back to 24th Street after two nights to complete 24th Street.

"With recent inspections at 16th Street, a special deep cleaning crew will start a (3) week clean up on September 23rd. Walls, stairs, inside CCTV monitors, etc., to supplement and assist the non-revenue scrub crew rotation."

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