Friday, September 09, 2016

Oakland Sent How Many Cops to Dallas Police Funerals?

Across the Bay, the Oakland Police Department is wrestling with several officer-involved scandals and they're looking to hire a new top-cop among other problems.

So why did the OPD send five officers to the funerals of the Dallas cops killed in the line of duty during a Black Lives Matter protest march in July and did Oakland taxpayers pay for any part of the trips and if so, how much?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but seven weeks after I filed a public records request, after asking for an update, the OPD has provided me with some info.

Here are the names, ranks and badge numbers of the five officers who traveled to Texas: Acting Capt. Randall Wingate 7986, Sgt. Casey Johnson 8517, Ofc. John Breden 8966, Ofc. Cedrick Remo 9125, and Ofc. John Palmer 899.

Let's see how much longer it takes for OPD to release details about any costs to the City for travel or lodging expenses of their officers related to the funerals.

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