Friday, September 16, 2016

What Has BART Cleaned Now at Radulovich Plaza?

One of my service requests last week for spiffing up BART's public space at 16th and Mission Streets related to the agency's plastic sign in Radulovich Plaza, on the western side of Mission.

The sign was smudge with dirt and had some stickers plastered on both sides.

On Wednesday, a two-man crew from BART's electrical division just happen to arrive at the plaza while I was there. They drove their pickup truck onto the sidewalk and from the cab, one of them removed the sign's covers, scrubbed them, removed the stickers and returned the covers to the top of the pole.

Yes, I am happy to praise BART management and the workforce for another instance of rapid response to my request to improve Radulovich Plaza.

It may be naive of me to expect 20-year incumbent District 9 board member Tom Radulovich, for whom I have dubbed the plaza spaces he's supposed to take care of, to take action over this domain but I'll be the first to applaud any visible moves he undertakes.

Bravo, to BART, for this latest step to make 16th and Mission more inviting for all users of the plazas!

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