Monday, September 05, 2016

BART Managers' Salaries: Too High or Low, or Just Right?

Since the pay of BART's top ten managers isn't on the rapid transit system's web site, I filed a public records request for the information.

As a candidate for the District 9 BART board seat, one of my transparency planks calls for sharing salary info on BART's site. It shouldn't take a written request to obtain this public information.

Who earns what and what are their titles? Let's get to the data:

1.  Grace E. Cunican, General Manager:

2. Matthew H. Burrows, General Counsel:

3. Rosemarie V. Poblete, Controller-Treasurer:

4. Marcia E. DeVaughn, Deputy General Manager:

5. Paul Oversier, Asst General Mgr. Operations:

6. Kenton W. Rainey, Police Chief:

7. David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director:

8. Robert M. Powers, Assit General Manager, Planning:

9. Ravindra Misra, Chief Information Officer:

10. Carter P. Mau, Asst General Mgr., Admin & Budget

I also requested the salary info for BART's police auditor, Russell G. Bloom, and he was compensated $182,072.

Curious to learn if you think these levels of pay are appropriate, or too high or low. Also, let me know if you endorse making salary information for the managers, and all BART employees, easily available for public inspection on the agency's site.

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Anonymous said...

Total compensation for public employees should be made public *and* easily accessible. Salaries are just a part of total compensation.

Total compensation includes working benefits (health insurance, vacation days, sick leave, housing, transportation, etc.) as well as pension benefits which can be substantial.

By only publishing salaries, one gives an incomplete and often misleading picture.