Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Castro Debate on Milk Plaza
Rainbow Flag this Thursday

Does the controversy over the rainbow flag and pole at Harvey Milk Plaza, a location that is municipal property, have great legs or what?

It all began in January, when I requested that the control queens at the Merchants of Upper Market/Castro who have illegitimate rule over the rainbow flag, lower it in honor of murdered gay Ugandan activist David Kato. After pressure was applied, the head of MUMC agreed to the lowering.

Since the winter, MUMC rejected a request to fly the flag at half-staff when actress and AIDS advocate Liz Taylor died, generating several excellent stories at the SFist.com, the SF Weekly and the SF Chronicle.

And this Thursday, the Castro Benefit District board of directors will hold their regularly monthly public meeting at the Bank of America community room, and on the agenda is a resolution to send a letter to the Department of Public Works, requesting that they convene a community forum about who controls the flag.

This board does not have an official position yet on control issues and their meeting will not only clarify where they stand, but will also allow the Castro community and stakeholders their first opportunity to discuss the flag controversy at a forum open to everyone and that allow for respectful public comment.

I asked the executive director of the CBD, Andrea Aiello, for a heads up about the proposed resolution, and she said:

Yes, the vote is on the agenda for the CBD Board meeting this Thursday, 6/9. Our meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. at 501 Castro St. on the 2nd floor. The agenda will be posted on our website by the end of business today. The agenda is already posted in the Main Library. As you know, all our meetings are open to the public. Thanks for your interest and I assume I will see you on Thursday.

Oh, yes, I will be there and welcome the opportunity to listen to what other Castro stakeholders have to say about the rainbow flag at Milk Plaza, and who should control this vital piece of gay public space that is city real estate.

(Photo credit: Sun Pony Ranch.)


justindecastro said...

Is that CBD meeting accessible to those with disabilities who want to voice their opinions on this flag control matter?

Unknown said...


here is the word from andrea aiello, the director of the CBD, about accessibility:

"Yes, there is an elevator that goes from the ground floor up to the 2nd floor. If there is any other need please have the interested person contact me directly or you and I can communicate."

here is her addy:

looking forward to hearing your views on thursday.