Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NY Flag Didn't Fly at SF's
Milk Plaza for Gay Marriage: What About July 24?

Several friends have asked me since Friday evening, when elected officials in Albany, New York, passed legislation legalizing gay marriages that was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, leading to massive celebrations in Greenwich Village and gay communities around the country and planet, why didn't the New York state flag fly at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood.

Lacking an answer, I sent a few questions this morning to the Castro's very out member on the Board of Supervisors, Scott Wiener.

Simple queries, including did Wiener attempt to hoist the New York flag over the weekend to fly with the rainbow flag, in a show of solidarity with the Empire State? Would he consider flying that state's flag on July 24, the day gay couples across New York can legally get hitched? If the city government doesn't possess a New York flag, would Wiener reach out to the community for an appropriately-sized version to proudly blow in the wind on July 24?

As of this writing, Wiener's office has not responded to my questions but if and when they do, I will share the reply. If you think San Francisco's gay community should display hope and solidarity with our brothers and sisters back in New York by adding the state's flag for a solid 24-hour period to the rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza, please let Wiener know your feelings.

His addy is: Scott.Wiener@sfgov.org. You can reach his office via phone at this number: 415-554-6968.

By the way, lots of times folks around the these parts ask, "What would Harvey do?" when trying to determine a path of action. In this instance, considering he was from Woodmere, New York, I think we all could agree that Harvey would make sure to fly an Empire State flag in the heart of Gay Mecca. Heck, I imagine he would get in touch with Governor Cuomo, request a flag, receive it and put it to good use.

Let's hope Wiener does the right thing on July 24 and makes sure the New York flag flies proud and triumphant with the rainbow flag at the public plaza named in honor of the gay leader from Woodmere. 

(Milk at the 1978 Gay Freedom Day parade on Market Street. Dig that crazy sign, daddy-o! Credit: Terry Schmitt, SF Chronicle.)


Michael Zonta said...

What a great idea!

Unknown said...

hey michael z -

be sure to make your feelings know to supervisor wiener on this issues. thanks.

Civic Center said...

Weiner is awful, selling out most of San Francisco vote by vote at the Board of Supes, so I'm not getting in touch with him or his office. Your idea is great, though.