Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Campy Social Security Vid
Features Queeny George Takei

The Social Security Administration office on Valencia and 22nd Streets had a great plasticized poster up near the service windows today, but the guard wouldn't let me take a photo of it. Seems as though federal regulations prohibit anyone from snapping pix inside any SSA office for security reason.

Television icons Patty Duke and George Takei, the openly gay actor from the original "Star Trek" series, are featured in the poster promoting using the SSA site for a host of services without leaving home.

Okay, who knew the federal government hired Takei, who is not only very out of the closet but a proud advocate with his husband Brad Altman for several gay issues, to star in cross-media platforms touting using the SSA web site or encouraging beneficiaries to sign up for direct-deposit of monthly checks, and didn't tell me?

Guess my non-Trekkie roots are showing, because the social marketing campaign, emphasis on the camp, was launched back in April, according to the SSA press office and I'm only now learning about it. Betcha Trekkies all know about the public service announcements, in which Duke and Takei are wearing Trekkie uniforms, appear on a spaceship set and references to "Star Trek" abound.

To my queer eye, the PSA is a camp treat and everything about Tekei's appearance, delivery and comportment, especially the way he plants his hands on his hips, simply scream "Queen!" That is a deeply respectful compliment.

How thoughtful of the federal government to spend taxpayer dollars using a well-known gay man to recruit Social Security beneficiaries, of any sexual orientation, to learn more about this vital federal program. What an excellent use of government dollars!

Check out this vid:

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