Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FBI Releases 1,700 New Pages
on Milk and Moscone Murders

As part of the response and search conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to Freedom of Information Act requests I had made for any records on Harvey Milk, George Moscone and Dan White, the agency in March 2010 sent me sixty-four pages of documents. But they were by no means everything the FBI had in the archive on these men.

Kathleen E. Miller of Raw Story penned an excellent news story, based on the newly released documents, last year about Milk and Moscone being probed by the feds for potential political corruption at the time of their murders.

When I received those pages, an FBI FOIA manager informed me that more documents had been found after the initial search, documents that were either recently declassified or transferred from the San Francisco bureau to the agency's headquarters in Washington. The FBI, in other words, was cleaning out more its paper records closets.

In recent months, the FBI has sent me two discs, one containing 728 pages and the other with 1,064 pages, for a total of just over 1,700 pages that need to be examined. Frankly, I'm been overwhelmed to even open the discs and have just a cursory look at the new documents and hope to locate someone in San Francisco to pore over and write up a report on what's in them.

If someone steps forward offering to post all of the new pages on the web and allow everyone interested in the lives and times of Milk, Moscone and White, I'd consider such a proposal. The crucial issue for me with these two FBI discs is to bring light to what they contain.

Lemme know if you're up for helping with this project.


Julie R. Enszer said...

Michael, I wonder if there is someone at OutHistory.org who would take this on. It is worth a conversation with Jonathan Ned Katz.

Unknown said...

hi julie,

you have an excellent idea and i will locate contact info for jonathan later today. somehow i will get the files out there for the community to look at and analyze.