Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ed Lee Campaign Error:
The Castro is Not North Beach

The downtown machine-driven Astroturf campaign to persuade San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to run in November for a four-year term, has launched a web site showcasing folks holding signs urging him to seek reelection.

Enrique Pearce of Left Coast Communications is behind the site, for which Luke Thomas of Fog City News has been hired to shoot the photos. For unstated reasons, their involvement is not disclosed and at the bottom of every page is this bogus claim: Run, Ed, Run is a community-driven coalition formed to encourage Mayor Ed Lee to put his name on the ballot for this November's election.

Speaking of not being fully upfront with voters about this campaign, none of the folks holding up the signs have their last names included. First names only. It's all quite odd.

But the central concern of this post is about the photo in the photo above, showing a man named George supposedly of or in North Beach. Look closely to his right and you'll see the name of the gay bar where he's hanging out the window and it's the Edge, located at 18th and Collingwood in the Castro.

Glance at the far right of the photo and notice that the sign says Castro. It's a sign for the Mollie Stone's market in the Castro, not North Beach, also situated on 18th Street.

The political operatives at Left Coast Communications might want to amend the incorrect neighborhood IDed in the photo. While they're at it, it would be good for San Francisco's democracy and political transparency if they would disclose LCC and Luke Thomas' involvement, and also ID folks in the photos with their first and last names.

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