Sunday, July 31, 2016

Valencia Street's Bahai Center for Sale, Realtor Omits Price

We've voted there, donated clothes when our neighbors lost their homes because of a fire and attended a few community events over the years at the Bahai Center, two short blocks from our apartment.

Now, the beautiful Art Deco building at 170 Valencia Street is on the market. There's a huge for sale sign from the realtor Collier's International on the Bahai Center's facade that certainly caught our queer eye.

Half a block away, in the direction toward Market Street, is where McCoppin Hub is located, the troubled public space in Supervisor Jane Kim's district that will soon have an anti-homeless fence built on the edge if it so the area can be locked up overnight.

Collier's omits the asking price of the property from their web listing, which seems odd but maybe this is standard practice for the real estate industry in these parts. We'll keep an eye on the property and see how the attempt to sell it progresses.

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