Thursday, July 14, 2016

DA Gascon Denounced at Police Hearing: No Killer-Cop Charges

At last night's San Francisco police commission meeting, I used my public comment time to focus attention on corrupt District Attorney George Gascon and his b.s. blue-ribbon panel.

Since Gascon became DA in January 2011, there have been twenty civilians killed by SFPD officers and he's not indicted even a ham sandwich in any of the fatalities.

He has put much energy and time and City resources into his hand-picked blue-ribbon panel, ostensibly looking at problems within the police force, which was head of before assuming DA duties. It's really about him running to be appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to replace Kamala Harris, if she's elected to the US Senate as many predict.

How many civilians have to die due to fatal use of force by an SFPD officer before Gascon charges someone with murder?

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