Monday, July 04, 2016

Homeless Man Lying in Valencia St Disabled Ramp Kicked?

Around 5 pm today, I saw what appeared to be a homeless man either quite inebriated on drink or drugs or suffering severe mental health challenges, lying on the sidewalk at Valencia and 16th Street.

No surprise that the majority of passersby barely give him a glance but it appears another man kicks him. Do they know each other and is the standing man nudging an acquaintance to get up? I don't know.

All I know this is one more episode of what life is like for a few thousand folks living on the streets and everyone else, who even in one of the most progressive areas of the very liberal environs of San Francisco suffer from homeless fatigue.

Just part of our urban landscape in the summer of 2016. From any angle, the optics in this video document much about the social ills of the City right now.


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Michael Zonta said...

Much ado about nothing.