Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SF Drug Disposal Sites Need Expansion & Updating

Mike and I have several bottles of medicines we no longer need and we want to safely dispose of them, so I checked out the SF Environment's site for information about drop-off locations and didn't find a list of them; pharmacies, health clinics, etc., right there without any click-throughs.

There was a Google map requiring a lot of clicks and a PDF with details about locations and drugs accepted. Ok enough, but the PDF list is also outdated and needs updating and expanding.

I reached SF Environment spokesman Peter Gallotta on the phone and expressed my concerns, as he clicked through his department's pages and agreed with me.

He mentioned that a few more Walgreens' are now accepting unneeded medicines and I told him the info about AIDS Healthcare Foundation's pharmacy, listed on 18th Street while it's actually been on Castro Street for two-years, requires correcting.

Peter promised to get on with making the necessary changes and I'll be dropping off our medicines later today, safely and responsibly.

Let's monitor how the SF Environment folks revamp their information and site, better serving the needs of residents so we don't dump drugs in the trash or compost heap.

Btw, you can leave medicines at any San Francisco Police Department station around the City but I'm just not willing to walk into one and leave any such products with or without our names on them in the hands of cops.

Drugs and police just don't go together for me!

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