Sunday, July 17, 2016

Laura Truffaut & 'Day for Night' Delight at BAMPFA

Magic was up on the big Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive screen last night (July 16), and cinema was alive and thriving in the sold-out audience.

We were treated to a witty introduction by Laura Truffaut of an imported and pristine print of her father Francois Truffaut's Oscar-winning valentine to the movies, "Day for Night."

This short video, shot before and after the film unspooled, captures a small amount of the exhilaration everyone felt during this special evening BAMPFA's new home.

Experiencing the joys of "Day for Night" again like this guarantees this is one of my top movie-going times of 2016.

Big thanks to Laura Truffaut, the folks at BAMPFA and our amazing audience!

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