Tuesday, July 05, 2016

FBI Director Comey's FEC Donations Reveal . . . ?

You can learn a lot reading a prominent official's Federal Election Records.

For FBI director James Comey, today making headlines after announcing no indictments of Hillary Clinton over her email-and-servers mess, it's no surprise that he donated $2,300 to John McCain for president, $250 to Tom Kean for US Senate, $2,500 to Friends of Susan Brooks, and $5,000 to Romney for President.

Comey's a Republican, after all, so the contributions are in keeping with his political leanings.

Ignore the donation from another man with the same name from Iowa, who gave to the Natural Law Party, as listed on public records from the Political MoneyLine.

It strikes me, as a someone who won't vote for Hillary, I'm leaning in the Green Party direction and again casting my ballot for Jill Stein, that the GOP bona fides of the FBI's top-cop making it all the more difficult for Fox News and Republicans to spin a conspiracy of favorable bias on Comey's part toward Clinton.

Follow the money!

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Michael Zonta said...

Good muck-racking.