Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Woof #14:
Men at Milk Plaza

This new Canon PowerShot camera on mine was put to good use this weekend, as the SF Giants won the World Series and the city experienced the best autumnal weather, snapping photos of attractive guys. Still learning all the functions of the camera and happy to experiment with it as these nice fellas pose for me. Thanks guys!

Meet Harry, one of the friendly volunteer Information Ambassadors from the Castro Benefits District, meeting and greeting visitors as they exit the Muni station at Harvey Milk Plaza. Glad I persuaded him to remove his tinted glasses, so I could capture a bit of that devilish twinkle in his eyes.

This friendly man came to the Friday evening town hall meeting with visiting gay Honduran leader Erick Martinez. I didn't catch his name with all the schmoozing going on, but like all of us at the meeting, we are in awe of Erick's brave political advocacy and worry for his safety back at home.

One of the interpreters at the Saturday rally at Milk Plaza for Erick was this young man named Juan, who had a slight endearing hum in his voice when speaking into the microphone. Do you agree the new camera the fine darkness of his chest hair peeking over his t-shirt?

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