Sunday, October 07, 2012

What We Fought For:
Not for Wiener to Decide

Yet another grand pronouncement from Scott Wiener on behalf of every single gay person and not just his narrow constituency in the Castro. In the Wall Street Journal's Friday story about the supervisor readying legislation to outlaw nudity, he of course was quoted:

Most of the people who have complained to him about the nudity are gay residents of the Castro, said Mr. Wiener. "This is not what we fought for," he said. 

Wait just a minute, as we remind Wiener that a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands took to the South of Market neighborhood to strut around in various states of undress. Lots of kink folks engaged in consensual whippings, butt-sniffings, sex on the public streets.

Clearly what we fought for includes the right to assemble in public spaces and get queer, take clothes off and liberate ourselves from societal expectations of propriety.  
As Wiener begins his latest legislative quest to solve the neighborhood problem nudity, and doing so without holding any town halls in the district open to all, let's hold him accountable for inaccuracies about the incredible array of demands and freedom we have fought for and continue to fight for. 

He should not be allowed to get away with making up his own facts about our incredibly rich history to suit his conservative agenda and ambition to move up the political ladder. The Folsom Street and Dore Alley fairs prove that we have without question fought for the right to be naked in the streets.

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